Tom Thumb Nursery


 Fees Structure 

Please find below details of the settings fees policy and structure, please contact us directly should you have any questions or to arrange a viewing.


 Fees from September 2015

·    A £25.00 non-refundable registration fee, for all bookings other than those 100% funded by EYEE, is required to secure and reserve placements.

·    £5.00 Per hour for children aged 0-24 months, with a 10% discount £4.50, with a 20% discount £4 (see discounts)

·   £4.50 Per hour for children aged over 24months, with a 10% discount £4.05, with a 20% discount £3.60 (see discounts)

·    £3.60 Per hour for Holiday club bookings/children attending school (from term they start school), with a 10% discount £3.24, with a 20% discount £2.88 (see discounts)

·        £2.00 For School Lunch, served at 12.00 midday, this is optional, and you can send your child in with a packed lunch from home as an alternative, although it must not contain food that requires either cooking or heating up.

·        £1.00 for Tea, served at 5.00pm, again this is optional.

Payment of Fees



Minimum hours


Term Time only Bookings (matching the school terms)



·         If Fees are paid in full each month we offer 10% discount off total invoice for siblings and a single (or twins) booking of 25 hours or more per week and a 20% discount off total invoice for a single (or twins) booking of 40 hours or more per week and a joint booking of 50 hours or more per week

·         No discount or refund is given for part attendance of a pre-booked session or any holidays or sickness, but days or hours can be swapped to another day if available

·         we do not charge for the days we are closed (bank holidays and between and including, Christmas eve and new years day)


EYEE and EYLP funding

  1. 38 week offer, for a maximum of 15 hours per week over a minimum of two days, during school terms and in-between funding parents can choose to reduce hours, stay the same or not attend.
  2. Stretched offer, the 570 hours are split into 3 termly amounts (autumn term 210 hours, spring term 150 hours and summer term210 hours) and deducted from your termly invoice, this offer is available to all children claiming the 15 hours with us who attend for extra hours on top of the funded 15.

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